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Wild Womb Moon - a meeting with the Grandmothers

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

-Ulchi Woman. Ulchsky District, Khabarovsk Krai, Far East, Siberia.  Alexander Khimushin / The World In Faces.

The Moon of the Womb mysteries

The Moon of the Womb mysteries is the third pillar in the yearly cycle of thirteen moons.

So far we have journeyed through our descending moon cycle, the moon of longest shadows back in November, we met our shadows and faced lots of our fears. Then when our seeds of last years cycle made it back to Source, the yoni gateway of the Mother at the Galactic centre of our universe, we had our annual celebration and rest day out of time (Christmas day).

We made it home for Christmas!

The Moons ​

I - Descending Moon

II - Big Sky Spirit Moon

III - Wild Womb Moon

IIII - Integration Moon

V- Changing winds Moon

VI - New Shoots Moon

VII - Fertility and flowers Moon

VIII - Rose Moon

VIIII - Bee Moon

X - Abundance Moon

XI - Harvest Moon XII - Hunters Moon

XIII - Witches Moon

Following our day of rest we have our second moon pillar journeying with our inner masculine, The Moon of Big Sky Spirit - coupled with two powerful eclipses first in December, the most recent in January, an opportunity for our inner masculine aspects to get an electric wake up call, and realign to his soul calling. A chance to find our inner King has been presented, and with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction on 12th January he has been reborn anew. His new kingdom is awaiting him, but first he must meet his Queen...and so our next moon journey begins where we get the honour of diving into Her Womb to meet with our Grandmothers.

' The Womb is a place of ambivalence. We are ambivalent because we don't want to leave, but we cannot stay. The womb contains us and in order to grow, we must break out. We are afraid because we cannot know what lies ahead. This is always so. At any transitional point in our lives, we can no more predict that which is to come than can the child in the womb or the elder on their deathbed. This fear is the ice that must melt so that change can flow.'
- Ian Siddons Heginworth.

The invitation this moon is to come Home to the body. There are many ways of doing this, it could be yoga, dance, bathing, eating delicious nourishing foods- nourishment has many different faces. This moon is about getting your creative juices flowing, as we journey with the sensuality and creative waters of the feminine. You may also receive an animal at this time who may wish to journey with you this year. You can find them through meditation, shamanic journeying, drawing or they may appear to you in the physical out in nature.

The masculine seed hits the chalice on 2nd February, and we have our annual Celtic celebration for Imbolc, the fire of the masculine seed penetrates the water of the feminine egg and new life is born within. We may feel this alchemy dancing within us, if we tune into its sensual energy. An explosion of creative expression may occur!

This is traditionally the season of Water, as relating to traditional Chinese medicine, Water is connected to Winter, and the water is also related to the Womb, and Sacral (second chakra) so this moon is a fabulous time to get connected to your sensuality, sexuality and wild primal nature. We may feel a resonance with Epson salt baths, as salt is also connected to the season of Winter. The ocean of waves and flow may come gushing over us and we are swashed into its creative essence. We may feel like a mermaid diving passionately into our ecstatic depths.

The moon cycle begins at the New Moon in Capricorn in the live time sky. Capricorn to me is our wise elder, the sensible old goat that has been around a while, who's a great mentor and leader, as we are in the third moon of the feminine mysteries, we are being guided to tune into our own feminine mentor and medicine woman.

She lives inside of us all and now is the time to connect with Her.

We have four weeks to journey with the Grandmother archetype, the high point obviously being at the Full Moon which in the Live time sky will be in the constellation of Leo.

So lets spend some time here in the creative right side of the brain, let's dream, create and journey to our inner garden... now is the time to plant our seeds of intention.

What will we grow this year?

What will the garden look like?

Who do we meet there?

The garden is where we will find our Grandmothers, and this moon is dedicated to them as in the Celtic Wheel of the year the Tree of this time is the Willow. My Mother has a tree near her home that she calls Grandma Willow, and of course Grandma Willow has an important role in the movie Pocahontas!

Visiting a Willow tree and finding her face, asking her questions and listening for her answers will bring us great insights this moon cycle.

Take a journal with you and get creative under her cradle for a while.

Connecting to Grand-Ma Willow will connect us to the Womb, the mysterious place of life and death, the place of creation- where ANYTHING is possible.

Dream big this new moon- GrandMa Womb is listening!

''If Grandmothers were trees

Mine would be round

She'd encompass my body

As we stood on the ground

Her branches would hang

Like the boughs of the willow

Her fluffy white catkins

As soft as a pillow

Her trunk is her heart

Where her love grows and blossoms

Where her knowledge is kept

And never forgotten

On her branches she holds

All her kith and her kin

The leaves are her family

Her blood and her skin

The flowers and fruit

Are her gifts that she gives

So that we can continue

To breathe and to live

She reminds me in autumn

That life slows right down

As she loses her leaves

And exposes her crown

My grandma is ancient

She's wise and she's old

Sit down beside her

Let her story unfold

Our Grandmothers are with us

They always will be

Their memories live on

In the heart of the trees'

- Poem by Elaine Spirito

*All astrological insights aligned with the live time sky find more info here

This post is based on the northern hemisphere which is currently in our Wintertime.

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