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Full Flower Moon of the Lovers

Updated: May 7, 2020

Wesak Moon. Super Moon. Flower Moon.

The Red and White rivers meet.

On the wings of Love.

-Art above by Amy Bird

Last Supermoon of 2020

This Full Moon is very significant indeed. This moon is traditionally known as the flower moon, this name associated with warm Spring weather and flowers that are abundant this month. This Full moon and will be the last 'Supermoon' of 2020. In the true live time sky the Full Moon will be in Libra on Thursday 7th May 2020 at 11:45 GMT (6:45am EDT).

In Buddhist tradition this full moon is known as the Wesak moon, the Wesak being the most important day in Buddhist festivals as this day is a commemoration of Buddha's birth, his enlightenment and his death. The event is observed on the full moon day of the lunar month Vesakha, which falls in April or May.

To me this is especially relevant to the 13 moon calendar. In the 13 moon system I have been remembering, Libra is the last archetype in the lunar journey. She is the embodiment of the entire cycle. She is the fullness at the end of Summer. She is Golden Balance and Beauty. She is the Queen of Heaven. She is Isis, Ishtar, Eve, Tara. Her symbol is the Swan.

- Image Wings of Love by Stephen Pearson

There is an ancient system that has symbols for each day of the lunar calendar, interestingly the last day (30) of this calendar has the symbol of the Swan. The swan is the symbol at the end of the cycle. She is the gateway home, our heavenly wings to fly upon.The Swan connects to the constellation of Cygnus- which is aligned to many ancient womb temples around the planet, one being in Ireland Newgrange.

Andrew Collins talks of the significance of the constellation Cygnus in his book 'The Cygnus mystery', claiming that Cygnus is the root of all religion. The veneration of Cygnus as a bird associated with cosmic life and death goes back 17,000 years to when the constellation occupied pole position in the Northern night sky. He says that cosmic rays from a binary star Cygnus X3 helped accelerate human evolution during the last Ice Age. He reveals that our ancestors knew what science is now telling us- that life on Earth originated among the stars, a fact known and honoured by our ancestors.

The Swan Priestess

Queen Isis of Ancient Egypt is pictured with Swan Wings, and her Swan Priestesses would be trained in the Temple arts and Womb mysteries. Mary Magdalena also an initiate of this lineage. Isis however only one side of the coin, her sister Nephthys the other side. She represents the Lower world, Isis the Upper. There was a time when both Upper and Lower worlds were seen as sacred and vital parts of the soul/human journey. It was once remembered that in order to ascend first we must descend into the body of the Earth. During our descent we met with the Queen of the Underworld to face our shadows, only then would we transcend to higher consciousness. Nephthys is also linked with Innana in Sumerian tradition.

- Isis and Nephthys art by Joan Lansberry

Libra of Balance and Beauty

The full moon in Libra connects us to our wholeness, the swan, and the embodiment of Heaven here on earth. She represents the balance and harmony of all things in life, she is wealth and royalty, abundance and harvest. In the Northern Hemisphere we are in the time of Beltane which symbolises the mid point in the wheel of the year, where Spring water meets with Summer fire. The flaming sword meets with the holy grail (the womb) and the fertility of the Earth reaches it's peak.

In the Southern Hemisphere we have the opposite side of the coin, those in the South are celebrating the beginning of their new year-Samhain, the time of Death and Mourning. The end is also the beginning. The archetypal moon associated with Death and Rebirth in the 13 moon pillars is the archetype of Scorpio. In the true live time sky, Scorpio and Libra are next to each other. Libra is the fullness of Summer, then Scorpio follows Libra symbolising the end of that cycle, and Death. It's like the Golden Light of Summer hands over to the Grim Reaper of Death. Tara becomes Kali. Life becomes Death.

So wherever we are in the world- here we have reached a change over point.

Where the two sisters meet, they change batons.

The white becomes the red and the red becomes the white.

The North go into Summer and the South go into Winter. Is it any wonder the colours of fabric dancing around the Maypole are white and red? To me this symbolises the reunion of the dark and light aspects of ourselves. The blood of the end, merges with the life giving force of fertility, either as sperm, breast milk or yoni fluid!

The Sacred Red and White Springs of Avalon

Here in my home of Avalon-Glastonbury we have two sacred Springs. One white and one red. There are many different ideas about what these symbolise- and I will give you my version.

To me the Red Spring symbolises the Red Dragon, connected to the blood and the lower world. The White Spring symbolising the White Dragon, connecting to fertility and the upper world. The two together swirl and intertwine, the sacred union of life and death, the earthly and the spiritual realms. The dragons flow together in an effortless harmony. The wheel always turning, life birthing, living, then dying and returning. Like two rivers they flow, but both have the same home, the same destiny- to return to the infinite ocean of Oneness.

In the book 'Womb Awakening' by Azra and Seren Bertrand they talk again of the Swan Priestesses of Bridie and Isis...

'Swans are symbolic to the Goddess, and were revered in the Northern Hemisphere in places such as Denmark, where a burial site has been discovered with a baby buried in a swan wing. The swan is the symbol of the feminine Christ. The image of the black swan and white swan twined together in union depicts the feminine flows in union. The black swan takes flight at the dark moon and the white swan at full moon. The white swan is governess of conscious conception, guardian of soul doulas, and carrying new souls to earth. The black swan is apocalyptic, a revealer, a spirit bird of menstruation and rebirth. Another famous sect of swan priestesses were the priestesses of Isis who had temples in Egypt. Isis and her swan priestesses bore the magical swan wings, and this legacy was passed onto Mary Magdalene, Salome, and all other Mary's of biblical law.'

The Lovers Full Moon

In the Northern Hemisphere we are in our 8th Moon of the 13. The moon of the Lovers. This is the moon cycle connected to Beltane and the time of most fertility and sensuality. This full moon is a beautiful chance to invoke your inner lover, if in partnership or alone, to create a sacred temple space for love making. Light candles, put on your favourite soft music, light incense, rose petals and chocolates most welcome of course! Set an intention before you begin, and commit to channelling the most powerful energy of the universe (love) into whatever your intention is. This force is so powerful, so great, we can literally move mountains if we wish. I also recommend having the curtains open and allowing the full moon to shine upon you. Moon bathing is another fabulous activity your yoni will enjoy. There are many ways to activate your inner lover, only you will know the best direction for your own body.

Entering into a Taurean World

Lastly we have had a shift in the Moon's nodes recently. The North Node shifted into Taurus in the Live time sky on the 5th May. As always it is a slow transition, but will bring us much more deeply into our sensuality and sexuality. The grounded, creative power of Taurus, has us enjoying our earthly pleasures. We are being asked to slow down, and really embody the wisdom of the earth. And to realign with what is truly valuable to us. The south node is still in Sagittarius at the moment and will transition through Scorpio and into Ophiuchus in early August. This will be very interesting indeed!

One of the best astrological indicators of past-life experience and karma is the South Node of the Moon. The sign of the South Node in your birth chart reveals the gifts and talents you developed in previous incarnations, as well as psychological patterns and habits you have carried over from past lives.The North Node represents where you are going, your evolutionary path, and qualities you are learning to embrace in this lifetime. The sign of the North Node is new on a soul level, so it always feels alien and challenging, requiring a leap of faith to move in that direction and leave behind what feels comfortable (the South Node).

As the Moon's Nodes shift into new signs we too will feel a shift in ourselves and our lives. With the North Node now in Taurus for well over a year, we will be moving towards a more Taurean world. That means earthly, grounded sensuality. It means we will see an increase in practises that connect us to our body, embodiment, tantra, yoga, dance. We will see an awareness of the Earth growing and many people growing food. We will start laying foundations for our New world. Practical Taurus asks us to bring those dreams into reality and take grounded steps forwards. Taurus is also home of Venus so I bet we will see an increase in awareness to all things Venusian and the Rose Lineage. Mary Magdalene will come to the forefront for many of us. So this is where we are heading, sounds lush right?

The South Node tells a story of karma, moving on and what we must now leave behind. The South node currently in Sagittarius, we are looking at the karma connected to spirituality, religion and philosophy. Then when the South Node comes into Ophiuchus we will be faced with the karma connected to the fall of Lilith and will see ourselves journeying back into the garden of Eden, there's a lot of collective karma there for sure. All whilst the North Node is in Taurus.That's because in the live time sky the constellations are true to their actual size in the sky. The constellation of Scorpio is very small in relation to Sagittarius and Ophiuchus. In the live time sky and 13 sign astrology all 13 constellations hold their correct and accurate position in our sky. To realign with this system means to face our trauma and karma connected to the fall of Ophiuchus, and that's big. When Ophiuchus was removed from the zodiac wheel, the 12 remaining constellations were divided into 12 equal sections, even though this was not a true representation of the actual constellation sizes in the sky. The Sun only takes a week to travel through the true sign of Scorpio, so in 13 star sign astrology Scorpio 'season' only lasts a week.

Who is Ophiuchus?

Kim Nosworthy Lovelace has many articles on Ophiuchus on her website, one article called 'Ophiuchus and Ether:Disruption and Change' caught my attention. Full article available here.

'Ophiuchus is not the servant of man. Looking at the nature of ether is like looking at the meaning of Ophiuchus. She represents both the perilous danger and the hope of change, depending on what you can lose or gain. Ophiuchus, a female deity, was pegged as a saboteur of man's institutions, because she guarded the temple of women, a shrine to natural law. She was, and is, a disrupter of man's world. Ophiuchus was summarily removed from the Zodiac by male astrologers in an attempt to negate female power. During the inquisition, the Roman church viewed Ophiuchus (and the number 13) as the devil's work, and killed thousands upon thousands of innocent women and girls, and even men who associated themselves with them, as reprisals against women's human rights. They killed Ophiuchus (or so they thought) to underscore an annexation of women's capabilities and their freedom.'

So we can see how to South Node journeying through Ophiuchus this August is going to be an interesting alignment!

So with the North Node moving into sensual Taurus, and the Full Moon in harmonious Libra,

I can imagine this moon to be quite delicious and beautiful.

With the sun still in passionate fiery Aries, let us direct the life force towards our passions.

A welcome break from the intense energies so far this year!

Happy moon bathing flower lovers!

Blessed be the Moon

In love



Womb Awakening Book Azra & Seren Bertrand

Kim Nosworthy- Lovelace at RA Star 13 star sign astrology app

The Cygnus mystery at

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