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Waterlilies of Resurrection, Rising of the True King

"Both light and shadow are the dance of Love" - Rumi

The thorns of Crucifixion

As the days grow longer, the Sun's light growing in warmth and strength, so too do the shadows grow longer and more intense. There is no light without shadow. For this is the balance of life. Flowering at this time are the Blackthorn's, giving a welcome spreading of white blossom over the land. The return of the light. Blackthorn is a prickly shrub with long thorns that can cause septic flesh wounds. It produces bitter sweet berries (sloes) that ripen after the first frost. The blackthorn is often associated with overcoming obstacles for a better future or protection and hope in the midst of devastation.

What this the light of the thorns here to teach us?

Just like Jeshua we must return to the tomb. Jeshua wore a crown of thorns, symbolic of the circling ring of negative mind patterns that entwine us and bind us. We must now sacrifice this old self, and like the Hanged One of the tarot deck suspend all activity and surrender to what is. We have a chance now to bring our mental patterns and the crown of old thorns down to the Earth, ego handing over his power to the wisdom of the Goddess. This is an act of great nobility and trust.

I remember in the weeks after my son was born drawing the Hanged Man tarot card over and over again. In having a child it helped me to remember the beauty of a path in service to another. Although there was grief in realising I would no longer be a Maiden (the maiden doesn't have to look after anyone other than herself!), my path now was to feed him, and love him unconditionally. Being a Mother now my deepest spiritual practice. And just like the Mother Earth serves her children here on the earth, I too now had this role to serve my child. It helped me to remember the incredible endurance I could go to when needed. There was a great sense of 'handing my old self over' to something greater than me. In those first weeks after he was born I knew I was at One with the Goddess. It is a great act of service to give and sustain another in this way, and as the earth rests every night time, we too must find ways to self-nourish alongside serving the other. Carving out time for ourselves to meditate, walk in nature, do yoga, read books or write in a journal, is just the medicine we need to keep us nourished and in balance.

Here in the Northern hemisphere we have just awoken from the Winter womb time and into the light of day. Although we may have woken, with an eagerness to ascend to the mountain of Summer, first we must pause, reflect on the dream-time, and then consciously release/hand over our old skin, to make way for the new life. In this moment of great pause, the moment in between moments, we dance in a feeling of timelessness. And we meet with our old skin.

' So Spring is here and we can feel its cardinal and vibrant energy growing inside us. The desire to emerge into new life can be strong within us, yet somehow the time is not yet right. The days can still be grey and wet, the nights cold, and like a chick in the egg there is a sense that we are born but not yet hatched. There is a tension here, an expectation that cannot yet be fulfilled. The chick in the egg is not alone, he has his yolk sac, a vestige of the womb, the old self. Before he can hatch he must consume and digest his dark twin. This is the aspect of self that must die for the chick to live.' - Ian Siddons Heginworth

Crucifixion precedes ascension

Just as in the Easter story, crucifixion precedes ascension and so aspects of the old self must die first. Like our menstrual blood teaches us as she sheds from the womb every moon cycle. That which is no longer needed, returned to the Earth. This is the beginning of our pilgrimage. The bloody flow of letting go. We still have a big climb ahead of us. There is a feeling of longing and wanting to get cracking on the climb, but it is important that the twin/shadow that is born with the child is crucified and returned to the earth first. Just like a snake shedding it's skin, we too now must remove the layers of old self, the dead wood of last years growth broken away and composted.

Then the space is available for new life to flourish.

I see a picture of a doorway, a golden key inside. When we turn the key and open the doorway to the garden we find we are wedged in by the brambles and dead wood of last year. The doorway blocked and we are unable to leave. We can see the light shining through the window, the birds singing and yet we must surrender back inside. The brambles and obstacles are metaphors of our current situation, they are aspects we witness inside ourselves, uncovering the addictions, secrets and layers of stories that hold us here in the dark, what do they have to teach us? Where did they come from? Usually these characters can be traced back to our childhood memories, creatures created by the imagination of the wounded child, still lurking in our subconscious pond of truth. Now these characters are seeking to find peace, they have been lurking at the bottom of the muddy pond for so long, it's time this inner voice of the past is heard. Here we meet our fears and the ways we sabotage ourselves, block ourselves from following our true path of love. Time for some Spring cleansing and clearing! When we start sorting through the old we meet with our twin/shadow self (the character(s) created in the past), They are keeping us here n the dark for a reason, we must witness and honour the feeling feminine self before we can climb the mountain of the Sun. And as the old saying goes, the lotus rises from the mud. The beauty found from going within.

She speaks,

'When you leave this house, do not forget to come back to me. Our home is inside of ourselves, and you cannot serve from an empty cup. Climbing takes energy, giving and sharing also an outward feeding arrow. We must give ourselves water too. The cup is filled up again when we stop, rest and breathe, then remember me and our time together. The wisdom of the womb will remain with you now, as we begin our ascent, it is this knowledge from within that will keep you grounded. It is the feeling self that will remind you when you need to rest, it is the feeling self that will remind you when your wounds are triggered and it is your feeling self that will help you release them. I will show you them now. The addictions, alcohol, food, drugs, the need for approval, fear of judgement, the addictions are covering up the wounds. Have the courage to give up the addictions, and feel the wounded self erupt. Feel them. Experience them. Then like a volcano erupt them up and out of your body. Roar like a lion, release the pain, shame, guilt, anger, grief. This is the power to set you free from the dark.

Call on the energy of feeling now, be brave and engage- the butterfly will fly, but it has to break through that which it once was first."

High Priestess of the Moon

We can see in the true live time sky and 13 star sign astrology the alignments for this full moon have the moon in Virgo at 3:35am Wednesday 8th April in the GMT timezone.

The Moon will be next to the Asteroid Juno of Marriage and commitments, both in opposition to the Sun who is still with the Black Moon Lilith and Chiron in Pisces.

This can be an emotional time, as Lilith takes us back into the womb of feeling, she is the caster of shadows and the bringer of deep transformation. Chiron the wounded healer has us looking at our deepest wounds, these two working together to transform the fears, wounds and shadows of the collective consciousness (Pisces)

The Full moon and asteroid Juno in Virgo will bring illumination to our commitments, alliances and marriage. Juno in Virgo says to me, we are committed to the Lore of the High Priestess, we are married to the land and stars. Our wounds surface in regards to this, the ways we have neglected the earth (our own inner mother) the ways she has been wounded and raped of her sovereignty. The way we have been disconnected and cut off from our Spirit Soul (our inner father) and given our power away to a "Father" of Governmental ego based systems and structures that ultimately are self-serving and not in the interest of the All. These wounds are big, And any wound we see outside of ourselves mostly reflects that wound we are yet to acknowledge inside of ourselves and the Black Moon Lilith is simmering beneath the piscian waters, beckoning us back into the lake. She seeks for us to feel these emotions, and then in the release of blessed tears, surrender our attachment to them.

She is the Lady of the Lake. The unseen one. The subconscious one, the voice of the unconscious patterns, the pain of the wounded heart. She holds in her hands the sword of Excalibur - the true masculine sword of honour and nobility, still nestled within her holy clutch.

With this sword we are committed to service to the All. To remember the web of Creation. The interconnection of All Beings.

The sword of Truth cuts through the bullshit, and rises up through the murky waters of the lake, bringing clarity from within in the image of a beautiful water-lily (named after Lilith herself) The sword will be gifted to us, and we will be given our rightful Kingdom back, if we dive deep into her waters. The true King will resurrect again!

Oracle of the Moon

I spoke with the Moon last night, and I asked her, who is Virgo? They say you're a virgin, but how can this be true? In the wheel of the year you come at late Summer, the time of apples and harvest...are you telling me you are celibate?

"No dear sister." she replied

"I am the Goddess of the Harvest. The corn Mother. The image of Ceres/Demeter. I am the changing woman, the reminder of evolving seasons, the promise of fruits to come. I am the voluminous, curvaceous fruits of Summer. I am abundance and wealth, royalty and power. I am a woman in love with my sensuality, I am the embodiment of the entire cycle. I am fullness. I am perfection. I am the earth, I am the stars. I am here to show you, this full moon how to work with the land, I am here to guide you, how and when to sow your seeds. To remind you to pray and give thanks. To trust and to love deeply each other and the land. I am the wise, mature Mother. My children have now grown and I am harvesting the rewards of my labour. I am here to show you this. Where you are in Spring you will see me as a promise of what is to come, where you are in Autumn you will see me as a reflection of where you are now. I am here to remind you that everything I touch changes, and nothing stays the same. We are all on the wheel of life, death and rebirth. It is time to remember. Reconnect to the Lore of the Moon as sacred time keeper. Reconnect to the true essence of my name. I am Ceres, Mother and Harvest Goddess. Consider the "constellations" who created them? Did they have a reason for bringing the Virgin archetype into late Summer? All these questions are worth asking, ultimately the truth lives within, when you tune into the wheel of life, you will remember who I am."

-Image by Chris Down art

After finding the current energies rather intense, I have decided to have a few weeks offline, to listen to my own medicine and descend into the lake with Lilith. I'm sure I will emerge full of waterlilles and reborn. I trust you are riding these energies as best you can beloveds.

Next moon is The Marriage New Moon of Beltane.

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We got this folks!

See you in two weeks.

Deep love and gratitude


Words- Rebekah Mene Spirito

Ceres Art- Thalia Took

Lady of the lake Art- Chris Down

Images from Tarot cards artist unknown, if you know them please get in touch with me so I can credit them.

Contact for questions and readings-

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