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Spirit of The Child Full Moon

Ostara; her bunny and her eggs.

And our kundalini serpent climbing the world Ash tree, positively bursting up from the depths of the darkness and through the gate of new life. Here we go!

'We must pass through the alchemy of Ash to heal the child within. We cannot change our roots, they are all that we have to grow from, but we can transform the child's pain into the adult's power.' - Ian Siddons Heginworth

The Full Moon for this cycle 'Spirit of the Child Moon' comes to us on Monday 9th March at 17:47 GMT. What is coming into fullness for us now is that which we began back at the New Moon two weeks ago. Our creations are coming into fullness and the Spirit of the Child wishes to speak now, and be heard, to share the creative wisdom of innocence.

This is the fifth moon of our 13 moon cycle and is potent because it is at this moon that we shift worlds from Yin Inner Winter to Yang Outer Spring. We birth out from the dark after our inner journey. A child is born, Spring is here.

The inner journey we are now completing is the beginning of the thirteen moon cycle that begins back at Samhain when the leaves are falling and the seeds dropping to the earth. Death the doorway to new life. This inner time really sets the scene for the outer world journey which we now embark on. Our inner world projects itself outwardly into the world around us, we create around us that which is inside of us. So taking the time and space seasonally to really witness our inner wounds can bring great transformations in how we manifest our lives.

That which we create and manifest becomes more intentional and we begin to witness our lives unfold. We start to see the inner patterns playing out; when we begin to see them, shifts happen and a new program begins, one where we can consciously choose our reality and become empowered in our thoughts.

We can choose to change, to not keep repeating old wounds again and again.

I see the moons inside the womb like going home for a stint with our wise Grandma, to rest and reflect. Then when Spring comes we have to leave the nest and take all the wisdom we have learnt from Grandma out into the world. Time to put into practice the skills we learnt within. If we have done our soul work down in the depths of our nest we will be prepped and ready for the outer world cycle. A bag full of useful skills and messages from the ancestors, that will guide us through our quest. Failure to do the inner journey means the outer journey has little meaning and we wonder around seeking fulfilment and completeness outside of ourselves. If we have come home to ourselves during the Winter months and faced our shadows, we will feel a deep sense of self love and wellbeing. An overflowing chalice of wholeness, ready to be shared with the world.

The inner journey helps us to come back into our centre, to find peace within. To uncover the lost parts of ourselves and love them, to heal and restore our earthly bodies. The inner journey is one of mystery and mysticism, a feminine creative dream realm, where we can commune with our ancestors and reconnect with our soul purpose. Then when we burst through the soil and into the dynamic masculine outer world we know exactly where we are going, from a place of soul alignment. The masculine is the driving force that brings our feminine creations into the Sun to be seen and to make them real.

Without him, she would eternally remain a dream.

And that brings us nicely to the Spring Equinox which finds the day (masculine) and night (feminine) in equal balance. Part of the inner soul journey has a moon cycle for our masculine aspect, a moon cycle for our feminine aspect and then a moon cycle for our child aspect (the trinity) and then after all this work is done- we reach a point of balance and harmony within- and we are ready to launch this perfection into the light of day. Spring Equinox is this year on the 20th March.

After the Spring Equinox the days will start to become longer each day.

'An equinox is when the sun passes directly over the equator. On these days, the nights are equal in length at latitudes L° North and L° South. The word equinox comes from two Latin words meaning "equal" and "night"

This is a time of marriage within ourselves. Where God and Goddess are equal and balanced. The inner work done, we now have a mountain/ tree to climb as the light grows bigger and the masculine fire is going to help us emerge from the ashes of last year - reborn anew once again.

Ostara Goddess Of Spring

In Celtic tradition Spring Equinox is known as Ostara, who's name is that of a Germanic Goddess, Eostre/Ostara, who was traditionally honoured in the month of April with festivals to celebrate fertility, renewal and re-birth. It was from Eostre that the Christian celebration of Easter evolved, and indeed the naming of the hormone Eostrogen, essential to women's fertility.

The hare is sacred to the Goddess and is the totem animal of lunar goddesses such as Hecate, Freyja and Artemis - the hare is a symbol for the moon. The Goddess most closely associated with the Hare is Eostre, or Ostara. The date of the Christian Easter is determined by the phase of the moon. The nocturnal hare, so closely associated with the moon which dies every morning and is resurrected every evening, also represents the rebirth of nature in Spring. Both the moon and the hare were believed to die daily in order to be reborn - thus the Hare is a symbol of immortality. It is also a major symbol for fertility and abundance as the hare can conceive while pregnant. Over the centuries the symbol of the Hare at Ostara has become the Easter Bunny who brings eggs to children on Easter morning, the Christian day of rebirth and resurrection. The egg also reflective of the egg released from a women's ovaries during ovulation- a gift from the Full Moon (many women naturally ovulate at the full moon, a time of fullness, beauty and inner Summer)

In some mythologies the goddess Eostre/Ostara is associated with serpent or dragon energy. At this point in the year the serpent or Kundalini energy is positively exploding!

- Art by Wendy Andrew, find her art here.

From the Ashes we Rise

The tree connected to this time of year is the Ash tree, it is one of the tree's sacred to the druids as the tree that connects all things together, and is known as 'the world tree' or 'tree of life' In Norse mythology it is known as Yggdrasil, the sacred tree that grew on an island surrounded by the ocean, in the depths of which the World Serpent lay. This ash tree’s trunk reached up to the heavens, and its boughs spread out over all the countries of the Earth. Its roots reached down into the Underworld. A squirrel ran up and down the tree carrying messages from the serpent gnawing at the roots to the eagle in the canopy, and back. A deer fed on the ash leaves and from its antlers flowed the great rivers of the world.

- Yggdrasil, The World Tree in Norse Mythology by Valkyrie24

On Ash Wednesday, Catholics and many other Christians will have ashes applied to their foreheads in the shape of a cross. The roots of this ceremony perhaps also can be found in the symbol of the Ash tree, in terms of it's connection to the cycle of death and rebirth. We rise from the ashes where the serpent (feminine) lives. Symbolically Christ was nailed upon this tree. This is the death of the old self, at the point of rebirth. Crucifixion of the old cycle and the ascension along the trunk of the World Ash to met with the eagle at the top of the tree- the symbol of our all seeing higher self.

It is interesting to notice also the Caduceus symbol (ancient Greek and also significant to the Egyptians) with the serpents rising up the pole (tree) and the eagle wings at the top- also connects with the Norse mythology and this theory of rebirth through descent/death/Winter. The cycle of life and death, and of course eternal life. In the live sky the constellation of Aquila (the eagle) can be found above the constellation of Ophiuchus the serpent holder, so this picture remains in the stars too- for those who wish to see. The Ophiuchus image we see in the stars today is that of a man holding two parts of the snake in his hands, one hand the head the other hand the tail- man cut the snake in two, and now it is up to us to glue her back together again and remember this ancient story of our cycle we all once knew so well.

'Odin hung himself upon this tree. Buddha sat beneath it. Christ was nailed to it. All surrendered themselves to the feminine. They received, felt and suffered their wounds. The mysteries were revealed to them and they soared like eagles.' - Ian Siddons Heginworth

In the live time sky the full moon will be in the constellation of Leo once again, bringing a playful and creative addition to this already expansive Spring energy. The energy of the Lion brings us courage and strength that we will need to birth out of our Winter shell. A great master to assist us in birthing our Spring time creations. For more information on the live time sky report check out 13 star sign astrology ...Kim's video here.

I'll be writing again in two weeks for the next New Moon cycle when we will be coming into our next moon the New Shoots Moon. For more regular posts follow me on facebook or instagram, links at the bottom of this page.

Full Moon in Leo blessings

Happy Ostara!

Blessed be the moon

**All information offered is checked to the best of my ability, and whilst every effort has been made to make it accurate, no responsibility will be accepted for errors and omissions. Astrology is connected to the Live time sky and 13 sign astrology, and the northern hemisphere now coming into Spring. Any information displayed on this website is not regarded to be authoritative but intuitive in its advice. Thank you.

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