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New Shoots, New Moon, The Awakening

Moon VI Enter the external world-

Moon six out of the thirteen moon calendar has us re-emerging from our slumber. It is the time of new shoots bursting through the soil after their ascent up from the underworld last cycle. Last cycle was when we birthed ourselves up and out into the world after our Winter time of five inner cycles.

At some point over the last moon cycle (Spirit of the Child Moon) we would have physically or metaphorically given birth to something. Many of us would have experienced this around the last full moon or around the time of Spring Equinox on the 20th March. A part of ourselves is emerging from within. Now awakening and seen in the light of Spring. This creation is still very much in it's infancy stage, we may be feeling vulnerable and exposed, shy or scared. These feelings are all valid and worthy of our attention, and we must communicate with them as if we were talking to a baby or toddler.

New shoots are vulnerable and could be squished between fingertips in the wrong hands, or gobbled up by slugs if left unattended. It is our responsibility as the creator of this new life to take care of our creations, to nurture them and love them every day. Making sure they receive enough light and water, giving them sticks to help them stand. It is like learning to walk again- it's going to take time, practice and self belief to master the new creations we have birthed. A child doesn't begin walking as soon as they pop out of the womb, there is a process, it is a journey of becoming the dreams we witnessed in the inner realms.

The five moon inner journey that we are emerging from has given us great insight about what we are birthing and why. Those of us who have been consciously journeying within over this time have met with our inner aspects, the masculine, the feminine, the soul, the spirit of the child. We have met with our spirit animal for the year, and so we have a full bag of tricks- bulging and ready to climb the mountain up to Summer fullness.

This is a very purposeful and driven time. The yang energy of the Sun is growing every day, and as the Sun's energy increases so does the strength of our babies. We are at the beginning of a great journey. It reminds me of the Fool card in the Tarot deck. The fool lives in a world where anything is possible. He represents the pure impulse to act and create no matter what anyone says... So what's stopping us?

I have been resting and restoring all Winter, holding counsel with my inner aspects, spirit animals and receiving the wisdom of Mama Gaia. She has held me lovingly as a Mother does during the Winter descent. As my body rested my spirit soared into unseen realms of magic and mystery. Now we are ready to share in an external way that which we have received within.

-Image above Sea Queen by Lindsey Rapp

Written in the Stars

I listened to the Youtube video of my favourite 13 star sign astrologer Kim yesterday and she was talking about this New Moon being in a T-Square with Chiron and Black Moon Lilith. So this new moon may be an emotional one for us, where we are faced with our fears and wounds. How can we combine the wisdom of this moon and the stars with the current Spring time uprising? The fears and wounds we may have surfacing now could well be connected to our birth, and the infancy stage in our lives. Lilith is the caster of shadows and she is asking us to address our deepest fears. Chiron in the mix is asking us to dive deeper into the waters of our wounds.

Have we addressed our biggest fears?

What are we afraid of most?

I find that fear is most often a protective force, guarding our wounds.

So we could say that the collective fear that is coming up now is because things are changing rapidly and we do not feel safe in this uncertainty. There are ways we can bring safety to our inner child when we feel afraid, and that involves taking loving action and using the fear as a guide to lead us to our wound and then moving in a direction of safety.

Here's an example;

Fear: I am fearful there will not be enough food in the supermarket, I will go hungry. There isn't enough.

Wound: The wound from this could be connected to being disconnected from our Mother during child birth. Our placenta that nourishes and feeds us in the womb is often cut off so dramatically these days and in our moment of arrival to this planet our food source is cut off instantly. It may take time before we are reunited with the mother's breast, especially if there were complications during birth. This first experience at our birth may be a deep wound for many of us, where we feel abandoned by the Mother.

Remedy: Re-connect to the Mother by growing our own food. Become empowered and knowledgeable in doing this and become more grounded and closer to creation. Work in harmony with the earth. Gardening and getting our hands in the soil is also grounding and therapeutic. We have relied upon supermarkets for our nourishment for far too long, it is time to re-connect to our true source of nourishment- the Mother Earth. Growing our own food will bring us a feeling of safety and security. If we cannot grow our own food seek local farms that may need helpers.

And then the Fear can be seen as a positive gift in our healing journey.

This New Moon is in Pisces in the live time sky 24th March at 9:28am GMT timezone. Pisces is super sensitive and like a sponge who can take on the fears of the world. Pisces feels the collective worries and pain, some may say this is a terrible thing, but I feel it is an absolute gift. My sun is conjunct Jupiter in Pisces so I am definitely feeling the waves of collective fears rolling through me. I believe those of us who are sensitive have a key role in this awakening process because we can feel ourselves as individual ,unique droplets of water and we can also feel the collective ocean simultaneously.

This is a great gift because as powerful, receptive and conscious water particles we can embody our true essence of love and then pulse that love out from our centre, the water particles closest to us will feel our loving pulse and be effected by it, ripples form and multiply. Sensitive people can feel the collective fear, and redirect it into love simply by embodying that love within ourselves.

If you imagine a large log in a stream, all the water starts getting stuck, mosquito's come and lay eggs in it, the water starts to stink, and a few of the water particles see another way around the log, as the trail blazers take an alternative route, others follow and eventually a new path is formed, the stream finds a new direction. We are of course made up of mostly water so we have a choice now- stay and dwell in the stinky stuckness or forge a new path. It takes great courage to break free from that which we know, there is safety in familiarity - but there is a new world awaiting us, should we decide we are ready to embark on the journey of a life time. Ascending the Mama's mountain of love. The journey of the Soul.

-I am absolutely in awe of this above art but am yet to discover the artist, if you know please tell me so I can credit them.

Sending you all new moon blessings

The next blog will be written on the full moon in two weeks.

This 13 moon journey is aligned with the Northern Hemisphere, we are on the 6th moon here, in the South you are just coming into Autumn, so you will be coming to the end of your 13 moon cycle and about to begin the new yearly cycle. My dream is that we all connect to what moon/season we are in and use this cyclical wisdom to guide us home.

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Blessed be the moon

In Love


Here's a link to Kim's 13 star sign astrology video for the New Moon, click here

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