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02-02-2020 - An Imbolc Invitation to Unite

Artist Robyn Chance

Today being 02-02-2020 - an extremely rare palindromic gateway, a time to unite and co-create our New Earth vision through love and sacred union. The vibration of the 2 bringing unity, peace and connection.

Being the season of Imbolc in the Celtic wheel of the year we are invited to light an inner candle for our creativity. To connect the masculine and feminine parts within ourselves and find the magic that is the centre of the Vesica Pisces.

The Vesica Pisces is an ancient and Sacred symbol, which means two whole beings coming together to create through their love, and a magical gateway is opened, the gateway of creation. Through this gateway the Trinity is formed and a Divine child is made.

In our 13 moon journey we are currently in our third moon of the Wild Womb, an inner journey of our creations and feminine waters. on the night of Imbolc the King arrives at the gateway of the Goddess. He has been on a big descent down to Her womb cave, imagine the seed bedding down into the soil, he has had to push down, towards his biggest fears, he has met with dragons and learned to ride them, finding allies in his shadows and power in their truth. He has become whole through facing his deepest shadows. This descent comes with great reward because in his courage to dive within to the feminine mysteries, and to see himself in the dark, he is presented with his twin flame. The red roaring waves of Bridget, laying sleeping in her nest. She too now whole and complete after the Winter of resting and restoring her glorious temple. Her essence is recharged now and they merge- fire and water unite in love and wholeness... and tonight ANYTHING can happen.

The fire and water is an ancient form of alchemy, the alchemy of the lovers.

The Yoni is the gateway, his Lingam the awakener to activate her Shakti. In this realm they are given an opportunity, a chance to experience heaven, or Samadhi in Sanskrit.

This is a place where we experience heaven on Earth.

'Samadhi means that you are in Ecstasy, in bliss, tranquility and light.'

As the chalice overflows with love, they dance in this mystical pleasure. Together they commit to their union, two soul's whole and complete and evolving together.

Tonight is a powerful night for uniting in love, within ourselves and with each other.

The Moon is in her first quarter- the energy rising, a great time to use this energy gateway to CREATE - MANIFEST - DREAM

We are Love

Imbolc blessings beloveds

Art by Alex Gray

**Vesica Pisces art from the cover picture is by the incredible Stephanie Rose Freeman

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