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Pillars of the Moon

The Moon Cycle & The Celtic Calendar

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This journey of the soul mirrors the one solar cycle (year) of 365 days.

There are 13 moons in one solar year, each cycle being 28 days.

13 moons x 28days= 364

Which means we have one day left over, this day is our day out of time, a day of celebration and rest. It happens when we reach the gateway of the Womb, after our yearly descent down to the depths and reached our home cave of renewal. This day falls at the beginning of the 2nd moon cycle of the year.

The first moon being the descending moon, as death is the beginning of a new cycle, new year begins at Samhain, and the first New Moon after this is our first moon, when we begin our descent, this moon is called

Descending Moon of the Longest shadows.

The timings for the Pillars of the Moon calendar are dictated by the stars and the moon, but also the earth and her seasonal flow.

It connects the elements above and below,

Stars meet Earth, Spirit meets body.

We know that when the leaves are falling from the trees and the seeds are being planted in the ground, that we are at the gateway of new life, in the UK the Autumn falls between October and November- which means this is when our new cycle begins,  it will be opposite if you live in Australia- the calendar will be different depending on where you are in the world, although it can be used wherever you are.

The 13 moon flow is a guide, to assist us to reconnect with the rhythm of nature and or souls journey on this beautiful earth.

The 28 day moon cycle is split into four sections (or weeks) to reflect the phases of the moon.

Each section being 7 days.

The first week being The New Moon Week, a time of new beginnings, quietness and planting seeds for our next cycle.

Then the First Quarter Moon Week- as the energy ascends, a time of planning, organising and growth.

Then the Full Moon Week- the week for socialising, fullness and connections,

Last the week of Last Quarter Moon a time of release and letting go, as the energy descends once more..


When we start gardening by the moon, it becomes obvious that there are times for growth, times for clearing, times for planting and times for rest. We who inhabit the earth are no different and knowing what time in the cycle it is can be very helpful to gauge how to best spend our energy, and when not to!

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The Moons 

I - Death and Mourning Moon 

II- Descending Moon 

III - Big Sky Spirit Moon

IIII - Womb Wolf Moon 

V - Child Spirit Moon 

VI- New Shoots Moon 

VII -  Fertility & flowers Moon

VIII -  Rose & Oak Moon

VIIII - Mother's Fullest Moon

X - Milk & Honey Moon

XI - Harvest Moon

XII -  Hunters Moon

XIII - Serpent Moon

Full Moon

On the journey of the 13 moons, we have 5 moons inside, and 8 outside the circle. The 5 moons inside (the 5 pointed star) is our souls inner journey each year, to meet with our ancestors, and connect with our spirit guides and intentions for this next cycle, this begins as the seed hits the soil in Autumn, when last year's seeds bury their way into their Winter nests, we pop out again eager and well rested around the time of Spring Equionx, and have then 8 moon journeys out in the world to practice the lessons we journeyed with in the 5 inner world moons.

Of course 5 +8 = 13

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